Spa Bliss & Body Sculpting
by Chris
"Together we tune in and go on a journey for a return to optimal health"
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Senior Services

Senior Service Specialist

  • Private tours to Senior Community Centers consisting of driving to, touring facilities, taking notes and enjoying lunch at the location.

  • Teach Android phone use, tutoring for DMV tests and other personal assistance tasks. Experienced in common health challenges faced by older adults.

  • Provide quality exercise programs for clientele. Corrective training to improve balance and posture.

  • Determine the need for obtaining medical clearance and exercise guidelines and limitations for a clientwith a chronic health condition from his or her healthcare provider. Incorporate general, recommended exercise guidelines for individuals with various chronic health issues related to cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, metabolic, neurological and sensory disorders.

  • Provide practical solutions for older adults suffering from chronic illness that include modifications to cardiorespiratory and resistance training exercise to decrease the risk for health complications during training.