Spa Bliss by Chris

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Chris Bliss Touch Massage has unparalled commitment to service, finest attention to detail to create a singular experience unique to each individual.She uses her creative mind to provide positive thoughts which translate in the massage to an attunement for healing, peace, and love.

Chris Bliss healing perception goes past the five senses. The healing is about the values of the soul, harmony, sharing , reverence for life. The massage is about authentic power – freeing the body of pain – aligning the body with the personality and soul.. Chris Bliss motto, “ Together we tune in and go on a journey for a return to optimal health.”

Through her clients Chris Bliss has encountered a great variety of injuries, diseases, and losses over the past twenty two years of her massage career. Each person has a unique story. Whether it is the combination of fear, joy and anxiety of the birth of a first child; a war veteran with shrapnel imbedded in his body; an accident that claims the loss of a limb ; or losing the life of a loved one. Using the touch massage techniques she helps liberate and release exhaustion, toxins, and fatigue from the body while truly listening to the issues of each individual.